March 21st Is Sonny Hill Day


The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's House of Representatives officially declares March 21st as Sonny Hill Day.

House of Representatives

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Office of the Speaker

In the House, March 1, 2011


Whereas, William Randolph “Sonny” Hill was born and raised in Philadelphia; and

Whereas, Mr. Hill graduated from Northeast High School and later attended college before joining the semiprofessional Eastern Basketball League, a league where most gifted African-American basketball players were welcomed; and

Whereas, In 1960 Mr. Hill enlisted the assistance of fellow Philadelphia athletes Guy Rodgers, Ray Sctott, Hal Lear and Wilt Chamberlain to establish the Charles Baker Memorial Basketball League, an off-season confederation of professional basketball players who converge on Philadelphia from all over the country to display their talent and skill; and

Whereas in 1968, Mr. Hill was inspired to found the Sonny Hill Community Involvement League during a time when Philadelphia was plagued by turbulent gang warfare and hundreds of youth succumbed to the violent streets; and

Whereas, The Sonny Hill Community Involvement League served as a safe haven for Delaware Valley youth and continues to generate great athletes while offering them refuge from the pervasive urban street culture; and

Whereas, The Sonny Hill Community Involvement League closely tracks the academic progress of it’s players, provides tutorial services and career counseling and boasts a college admission rate of 85% among it’s players; and

Whereas, In 2008, Mr. Hill was honored by the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame with the Mannie Jackson Human Spirit Award, an award designed to honor those who have incorporated basketball into their efforts to contribute to the greater good of society; and

Whereas, breaking down barriers on and off the basketball court, Mr. Hill was CBS’s first African-American commentator for NBA games; and

Whereas, Mr. Hill currently hosts his own radio show every Sunday on WIP AM Sport Radio and serves as executive advisor to the Philadelphia 76ers; therefore be it

Resolved, that the House of Representatives extend its appreciation to William Randolph “Sonny” Hill for the significant contributions he has made to the lives of tens of thousands of Delaware Valley youth.

I certify that the foregoing is a true and correct copy of the House Resolution No. 4, introduced by Johnson, V. Brown, B. Boyle, Caltagirone, Preston, W. Keller, Thomas, Mirabito, Gerber, Wheatley, Goodman, DiGirolamo, Sontoni, Staback, Conklin, Kortz, Mann, Youngblood, Payton, Pashinski, Josephs, Hess, Fabrizio, D. Evans, D. Costa, Bradford, Millard, Parker, Murt, Santarsiero and Sabatina.


Samuel H. Smith, Speaker

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